Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just a disclaimer that I do not sell vacumns and never have. But If I was going to be a vacumn cleaner salesman it would be for these vacumns. No I do not have a deep love of vacuming, in fact who does I am in love with Dyson I would recommend it to anyone. I have a electrolux built in but
Devil Dog sheds and sheds and the hair drove me and everyone in this house crazy. I used to vacumn the furniture 3 times a week. So I decided to give this a try and I got the Pet One, you should see what it picks up amazing. Okay enough about my vacumn fetish, on to other riveting news. We have decided to get hardwood in the family room and den so I was out hunting down the perfect hard wood floor. Brought some samples home, getting it measured on Thursday morning. We have alot of oak in our house, really to much for my likeing , but it came with the house. So we really are limited to what colour choices we have. Yes we have lived in this house, 10 years now and its in need of some updating, which I plan to do,spending hubby's money has never been a problem for me. After we get the floors in we are getting new furniture in the family room, we have had this stuff forever, we even got it recovered when we moved in here. So its time for new stuff. If you still with me, or not sleeping after this post I applaud you beause it has just about put me to sleep. Well it's time for my favourite program, court tv so I will try to find some exciting news to talk about tommorow.


  1. Still wide awake! Thanks for the review on the Dyson. I've been wondering if they're as good as the commercials make them out to be. With two cats I could sure use a good vacumn. Mine is getting old and I'm sure it leaves behind a lot of dirt.

  2. that is a very interesting post...dont be so harsh on yourself Lee... now the vacuum cleaner.. I have 2 one upright hoover which they dont make any more and Vax - both good but the vax is heavy for me. I have seen dysons and are suppoesed to be good. I hope they do an upright one maybe like yours so when my hoover dies I can get one similar. Is the dyson light or heavy?having a bad back I can only operate light things.

  3. Wide awake, cracking up about the vacuum but Lee! I've been 'hounding' (pun intended) Double BB for almost 3 years now to get a puppy, ever since my beloved Lab got out of our yard and lost forever ... BB's objection is ALWAYS 'dog hair on my socks' (and the furniture, and in clumps in corners, no matter how I clean, sweep) ... now I have a WEAPON in mind to strengthen my pleas!

    Some day (over the rainbow, after the roof and kitchen are done, when we win the lottery, but some day) BB and I are doing hardwood floors in our bedroom. I love hearing about it when other folks get there!!


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