Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Watcher - a new ATC

>Last night I made this ATC..second one. So for this I found an image in the Vogue book (this is Christina Agullia)cut it down to where I wanted it to be. and painted over top (I cut it into three sections ) added the lines, so she is suppose to be looking out a window and those are blinds and called it the watcher. I think it turned out okay, I need a few more finishing touches I see, I am never satisfied with the way something turns out. Yesterday the hubby was away out of town on business so I basically did nothing, stayed in PJ's until afternoon, watched a movie, created some art and this ATC. So today I am off bright and early to get a bunch of stuff done. Need new shoes, need to go and buy some black gesso, meet some friends for coffee,etc. All need to do for me (ha ha). Well hope you are going to have an awesome Saturday and talk to you either later or tommorow.


  1. Wow Lee, this is an awesome ATC! Love the way she is looking through a window!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  2. oh how cool is this! It's like a still from a Parisian spy thriller! Beautiful Czeck agent, Natalya, presses against the window of her shabby Montmartre room, slightly cracking the delapidated wooden shutters, and watching the tall man in the gray woolen trenchcoat round the corner. Had he seen her? ... she reaches into her garter belt for the small, mother-of-pearl inlaid pistol her father had left to her, never taking her eyes from the silhouette of the man, barely breathing.

  3. Very cool ATC! And your lazy day in PJ's sounds like fun. I love days like that when I can just do anything.

  4. Love the looking through the window : ) Good job

  5. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I have to agree that we are all too criticial of ourselves. I think this one os wonderful fresh and really captures someone watching thru the blinds so well! and all on an atc? wow!!



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