Friday, September 04, 2009

Fool on a Hill

        Where have the days gone, for a girl who is not working the days fly by.  Today was a day of running errands, meeting the shopper for lunch, reading books in chapters (books that I dont buy, I check them out before buying).  Today I saw the new Women Who create magazine, I did not buy it, I bought the last one and was disappointed.  Those studios make me not want to go down to mine.  They are all s/o beautiful, beautiful, who could create in them. So I read the magazine while waiting for the shopper. I also saw the new Cloth Paper Magazine the only issue I don’t really like is the Halloween one, which is this months. So I read it at Chapters, not much in that magazine either. But I did buy one, I know I should have just read it, but was getting the look from the salesclerk that was about 16 years old. If she thought she was going to get ,me going she had another thing coming I bought the latest issue of Somerset Studio, I like that one a lot as well. I checked out Inspiration Thursday, this week its all about Chairs, Illustration Friday is all about the word Strong. I have joined an ATC swap over at a ning site that i joined called     I have to come up with 2 ATC with the theme of summer. So of course as soon as I am hit with something like thisI freeze. That’s why I could never do art for a business. I have to create on my terms. I also have some canvas on the go that should get finished. I joined and pd  for


  1. Anonymous11:22 PM

    The only magazine we have here is Cloth and paper... but the price is ridiculous and priced out of this person reach!!So I look at it at the shop and then leave it!!

    I am the smae with challenges and hence dont do courses or courses on demand... I freeze up too! good luck with all your challenges.... I dont have anything in my head for 'chair' so will leave this alone I think lol!


  2. I have a subscription to CPS and I agree that the Halloween issue is my least favorite. This year it had very little that I had an interest in.

    Most of the time I freeze up when I'm faced with an art challenge so that's why I've been trying to do some little ones. Sort of facing my fears albeit on a small scale!

  3. I really like this! You've done quite a few animals lately haven't you! What makes you decide what to do?

  4. Hello Lee!

    Nice to hear from you. I had to tell you the bird you posted here is just about the cutest bird I have ever seen.


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