Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hello September...where did August go....

Hello out there....I had a great weekend, and a pretty nice anniversary, dinner, gifts and such. Treated royally by all. Well today September 1, tomorrow in Canada or where I live school starts. No kids at this house start school. Only the shopper and she starts her last year of college next Tuesday. You would not know that it was September here, we have nice hot weather, unusual for sure. I was out on the deck today fiddling around, and came up with this ATC, I should have been inside doing the duties (lol) . Your probably saying what duties (that what I say). So the way I did this one was, ATC sized Card, then I tore up some watercolor paper layered it on both sides, and swished around some paint. I found this image on some scrapbook paper I have. I do have the same image that I took while there, but it was not right, and this one fit right in, added some distress ink and here it is.
It seem I have been posting all kinds of spelling errors, and never noticed .  I thought I was correcting them in editing, but it seems Blogger spelling does not work.  I am now editing them in another program and pasting the text in here.  So my spelling should have improved.


  1. Hi....glad to hear that you had a good anniversary. I can't believe that summer is almost over. Not looking forward to winter. Oh well, anyway I love that ATC, you did a great job on that. Still think you should run your own swap. LOL.


  2. love the ATc and thanks for the tips on how you made it...v good to know.

    Happy anniversary to you both and I mention you on my blog today as we celebrate our anniv. today!

  3. spelling, shmelling, YOU did a Paris ATC that's got me swooning ... mmmmmmm. I so love that place, and the Eiffel Tower (by the way) is mine, on loan to the city. Just thought I'd clear that up.

    speaking of weather, I can sum up my weather world in one word: HOT. that's all I have to say about that.

    Happy Anniversary, Woman!

  4. I love the ATC and I love reading your blog so much I never even noticed the spelling!

  5. Hi Lee, we did have an unusual warm August and beginning of September.....I enjoyed it though, since I couldn't really enjoy the early summer with my big belly.
    I know what you mean with duties....they never end in a household....;)
    And happy belated Anniversary!
    ATC's, has been a while I made one, do you trade them? By the way looks great!
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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