Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nobody puts BABY in the corner.

Famous line from what movie.....I know you all know it.  Everytime I think about that movie, I think of that line.  A very corny line.  But I did love the movie for the music and the dancing.  I own it I liked it so much.  As a matter of fact I just watched it on the weekend again. I loved Patrick in the movie as well.  Another one down to the blasted C word.  We need a cure now....


  1. I felt very teary when I heard that he died yesterday as he died of the same C as my mum did and its such a horrid disease!!

    I loved his other movie - ghost too!

    ps hows the online course going?

  2. Heh Lee...I read about Patrick lst night on the computer, I also was very saddened about him passing on....I can still remember the 4 of us going to Dirty Dancing ....and Lois just about jumping out of her chair when he jumped into the crowd at the end, so that baby could jump off the stage into his arms....a great loss indeed...he now can dance on the clouds!!!

  3. Uh ... er ... um ... I've never seen that movie. Or Ghost, either. My boss when I first started this job, Sally, was in her 8th month of dealing with pancreatic cancer ... she died a year later ... horrible, horrible, horrible to witness EXCEPT THAT she was positive, sassy, spunky, matter of fact ... thru the whole thing.


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