Wednesday, September 30, 2009

She just not that pretty......

Shes not that pretty,she really is not suppose to be.  I drew her with a charcoal pencil in about 5 minutes, not thoughts to prettyfy her up.  I have been practicing sketching in my sketch book. I added watercolour just to soften the image a little.

Today I went to the vet to get the devil dog some calorie wise dog food.  Yes she is on the vets weight watcher program.  She has to lose 9 lbs -- its either going to kill her or me.  She is only allowed to have 1 1/3 cup of food each day.  When she is hungry is hauls her dish out and looks up at her food cupboard and cries so it just might kill me.

Other than that been doing minimal art,trying to get organization in around this house.  Well should go must make dinner, keep saying that to myself with no idea of what is for dinner.


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