Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shine On

This is one of the ATC's that I created last night, at least one I can show you.  I am doing a trade and she reads the blog so I cant show you those yet.  This one was done using felt pen, black stazon ink, yellow watercolour and a stamp for the stars.
Well today I am feeling not so great, as Janet says you always fell worse a few days after. Today is going to be an art day.  I am going to work in my art journal I have been inspired by
Super Nova Journalling class, if you have not seen it go over and take a look very reasonable.
I belong to  group and one of the sub groups is callled  The Lucky Ladies and we are doing an exchange called 7 artful things...or something like that.  You all put your name down and the person above you is the person you sent 7 artful things to.  My person is from Canada and I sent my stuff off yesterday.  Someone from California got my name, have not got my stuff yet.  It was fun choosing things, I did not know when to stop so lets just say she got way more than 7 things.  I belong to a few Ning sites, sometimes I am just a lurker sometimes I participate . You can learn lots
Well you might see me again if I decide to Participate in Inspiration Thursday, I am off to see what is on the board for today.


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