Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Have you heard the news?

Good news:  The shopper aka the daughter has got an interview in
Vancouver (for her dream job) airline stewardess.  Interview Monday,all prayers welcome

My mom comes homes tommorw after three weeks in the hospital. Only till Monday then she has to return to have an Operation.

I will not have to get a job to pay for the parking at the hospital after all (lol)God you could end up a patient there when you read that its 1.75 a 1/2 hour for parking.  And then to top it off you put in 2.00 and you dont get your   quarters  back, so they make a killing either way.

Tonight I will be watching Lost and Glee, no talking will be permitted during this TV time.  But you will hear the cutting of paper (mags) as I like todo this when watching TV.

Ok back to your regular programming


  1. Lots of luck to your daughter and good thoughts to your mother.

    Enjoy your TV shows.

  2. Fingers are crossed!!!!! Hope your daughter and make her dream come true!!!!

  3. Oh, that's fantastic about the interview! I'll send lots of good thoughts her way.

    Also good news that your mom is coming home....and no more parking problems! I think it's terrible to take advantage of people at a hospital....they know you have to park so they charge too much.

  4. Anonymous11:26 PM

    good luck to DD - let us know how she went...keep us posted!



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