Thursday, April 01, 2010

plexi glass and chit chat

These two are done on 1 peice of plexi on either side, they are my first try, I wanted to see how they took paint, and pen, they are only rough sketches and studies.

Plexi glass is very easy to work with, takes acrylic nicely, sharpie pen
you can cut it with an exacto knife
you dont have to be able to draw you can trace if you want
you could add it on top of canvas
here is a blog that really is into plexi glass with lots of ideas to share

wearing:  pj's and bare feet
watching: a thing on rob lowe
breakfast:  a toasted 7 grain bagel, with herb and garlic cream cheese on the way to the hospital
news:  Mom is not getting out had a relapse
art: working on plexi glass see above
music:  listening to the eagles in the car
reading:  Apprentice magazine
good blog to go to:
thankful:  for you my readers


  1. Hi lee
    sorry to hear that Auntie is not getting out today I hope you all have a Happy Easter with lots of joy and love around
    Tell Aunite I love and miss her
    keep up the art and the blogging I love it all
    love always
    cousin Kathy from Vancouver

  2. Oh, dear, that's sad news about your mom. I hope it's just a temporary set-back and nothing too serious.

    I've been enjoying Gary's videos about plexi but haven't bought any yet. I'm itching to try it though.

  3. we're hear for you! sad news about your mum... she is in the best place to be looked after though and hopefully recover very soon! at last your plexi post came thru this morning here. I like the way it came out and hope to give this one a try too.

  4. Can always catch up with you on your blog.


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