Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sometimes a few words can tell a story

The words say:  I thought of you today, I saw the words in
an Anthropoglie ad and I like them so decided they fit in with my life and page a visual journal page

tv:  wtching glee (its about Modonna)
wearing:  capris, bare feet and red tshirt
reading: a book on africa by Peter Beard
eating:  chicken teryki stirfry from the WOKBox and green onion cakes
good news:  Mom goes home from hospital on Friday,
home:  the shopper home from the interview (sounds good)
art:  journal page (see above)


  1. Anonymous5:43 PM

    OMG that is my OLD car... an old bmw I had that same model only it was grey... I LOVED that old car and it lasted me for 28 yrs of faithful service! I miss it whenever I still see one!! aw... feeling nostaligic now!


  2. Anthropologie is a great place for inspiration. This piece is so the yellow car and the yellow sun behind the woman.

  3. Nice balance of color, I really like this page.

  4. what a wonderful page. I bet everyone takes a personal message out of it too since I know I thought of who I was thinking of today!


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