Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Its raining shoes......

this is a page from my visual journal.  I was reading vanity fair, and saw
an article about this famous shoe guy (I cant spell his name)
and his shoes, and they had a picture of
him peeking thru the shoes and I thought that it would be a great
layout for my Visual Journal, so I cut out the shoe, it was black, I
changed the colour with a pastel, I like red shoes, and sketched
in a face (does not look like my daughter) but you get the general idea.
The only thing was this page had a hole in it, so I had this mesh
bandage that is sticky on the back so I applied it to the whole page
to reinforce it, and gessoed and painted over it and I think that it
turned out great.
On another note I just noticed that Blogger has now a spelling feature and you
wont have to put up with my bad spelling anymore.

Here is a snippet what I did yesterday:

reading:  Vanity Fair
food:  Lasagna and Cesar salad
spending:  paper
addiction:  moleskin recipe journal (just ordered it)
weather:  cloudy and rainy
watching:  Glee
art:  working in visual journal
mood:  great, my mom is on the mend and going to a rehab hospital
to regain her strength

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