Monday, April 19, 2010

Put your hand up if your a geek

Art:  Just a visual journal page I made, I am finding I like making them from
magazines and stuff and trying to make a picture talk
listening:  to satellite radio
going:  back to hospital in a couple of hours, took mom to
hospital this morning at 7:00 for her operation. 
working:  around the house, doing my favourite activities (not) cleaning up
trying to keep my mind off my mom
missing:  the shopper she is off in Vancouver having her airline interview
drinking:  diet coke by the bucketfull when stressed this is what I do since I dont drink coffee
exercise:  going to take devil dog to the doggy park


  1. Lee, I'm keeping you and your mom in my thoughts today....and also the shopper! Hope her interview is good.

    I'm lovin' the magazine journal pages. I'm not sure if I'm a geek but I know I'm different!!

  2. you have a lot going on Lee with you rmum and the shoopers interview! WIll send out positive thoughts for your mum!

    I just never know what youre going to come up with next here art wise! This is TERRIFIC!!!!!!!!!! I'm also finding magazine pics useful to use in the journaling.

  3. I love the image of the jeans in this collage, for some reason. :3 Jeans and clothing are often an outward projection of our inner selves, so using that as an image in such a collage was a good decision.


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