Monday, April 12, 2010

Hook Line and Sinker

Well did you have a nice weekend, are you all refreshed and ready to start another week.  Well if your like me your dragging your butt.  I feel like I have been hit with a mac truck.  Its all this back and forth to the hospital, and then real life at my house, you know dinner, laundry, hubby, the shopper, devil dog.  Its taking quite a toll on my body today.  I need a holiday to get away by myself, maybe fishing.  Do you like to fish, I like to fish, catch them ensuring they are alive and throw them back, its the thrill of the catch.  I dont really like fish to eat.  How many times have I been fishing in my life sounds like I know what I am talking about about 3 (lol) nobody I know fishes.  Well this weekend little was done on the art making front, a few journal pages you will see, only If I decide to not to vent on them (let me tell you stuff for nobodys eyes).  The weather here has been clear and a little cold, suppose to snow on Wednesday.  What did you do this weekend, tell me your life must be more exicring than mine is.


  1. No excitement here! We stayed in all day was gray and cloudy and later in the evening it finally rained. I tried to do some art but I just wasn't inspired. So I pretty much just wasted the day doing nothing!!

    PS - HB likes to fish but he hasn't been in ages. We both love to eat fish. In fact that's what we're having snapper.

  2. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Nice painting. I like the colors and the shadow around the fish.

    Have a good weekend.


  3. very nice colors,i even think ur better than Leonardo da Vinci !

  4. Hi..Just found your blog.
    I like your piece of art. I do not like to fish..I dont have the patience. My Dad loved to fish.
    See you again enjoyed your blog.

  5. I like fishing very much. My brother was famous in San Diego for it has a special place in my heart. Bass and deep sea...I like crabbing too..

    Nothing for me on Saturday..made art on times. Now organizing for taxes and back to usual here.

  6. Hi Lee, I can imagine how this is wearing you grandpa is in the hospital on an off and it's hard on my mum and aunt as well to manage both and their lives as well. Hope you get a rest soon, somehow!
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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