Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Being Silly

I decided awhile ago I needed to lighten up, have fun in my art
so I joined a class by
it was all about being silly.  Just having fun in your art.
While I did this one awhile ago.  It was done on
one of my spray painted backgrounds.  It was
just line art.  But when I looked at it.  I did
not like the way it looked, kind of pale
and understated.  So I put it to the side.
I found it again yesterday and re-worked it.  Changed
all the background, add more definition to
my giraffe (but its suppose to be silly and be
whatever you want it to be)  and I now like the
way it turned out.  Only one problem, in this
class you are suppose to just draw it and leave it.
Do you suppose they is a class for an person who has keep
fiddling with their art.


  1. Your art always makes me smile! I love the freedom you express in your paintings and drawings. This is just wonderful!! I wish I could learn to loosen up with my painting. You'll have to give me lessons!

  2. No!!! You can fiddle all you want!!!!!


  3. P.S. Love the giraffe!!!

  4. Sounds like a very fun class! I love what you've done here, it gives a very undeniable vibe of freedom and easy fun.

  5. Love it! I agree we need more fun!!!

    Lee - are you finding the may art journaling at ning useful? I'm finding the prompts a bit confusing really.... I preferred the march challenge I think, how about you?


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