Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dreaming about travel

I went to Arizona last year with my friends.  One my friends has a house there.l  Lucky to have such a good friend.  Anyway I decided to take a travel journal with me.  I went to the dollar store
and bought a little book.  Took some pencils and some markers and water crayons, glue,
and she had scissors there.  Before I left I glued a few things in and stamped a few images.
So every morning we sat around in our PJ's outside and gabbed and had coffee, and breakfast and planned the day, and enjoyed the sun, after all it was October back home and I can tell
you in October where we live you don't sit around in your PJ's outside.  And anyway back
to the story that is when I would work in my journal.  My friends do not do art of any kind, but put up with me, buy they would look through magazines and cut stuff out they think would look nice in the travel journal.  So I had a fun time creating this journal, and just about filled it all up.
So next time you go away don't stress about what to put in your travel journal, I have pictures I have created, I have magazines cutouts, tickets,menus, etc.


  1. Sounds like the most perfect morning to me!!

  2. that is wonderful..i love to spend my mornings like that, even when I'm not away!

    and a travel journal is an absolute's better than just what can be captured with a camera...

    the essence of the place, the journey..the journaling of thoughts..the ticket stubs..and other paraphernalia to collect!

    ahhh..sweet bliss....
    i think i'll pick up my journal right now and give it a hug!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. Sounds fun! Now I wish I could travel just to have a travel journal! Well, not JUST for the journal...

  4. Seeing you write about your travel journal almost makes me want to travel! But I'm such a home-body I think I'll just pretend to travel and make a journal about that.

  5. Can hardly wait for October this year when I am retired (like you) and we can hopefully extend the vacation to 2 weeks of sitting in our PJ's watching Lee journal while we cut things out that we think she might like and of course drink my coffee with my vanilla cinnamon creamer.
    You will need that rest after the year you have had.


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