Sunday, May 16, 2010

Questions to Ponder

Life in an emergency ward
  1.  why does every man think that since they are in a hospital that every woman there would like to see what god gave them a shortage of
  2. Why does the parking cost more than a good dinner out.  Don't they want people to visit the patients .
  3. Why do nurses automatically assume since your there you are nurse material, and you can do some of the icky jobs they don't like to do.
  4. Why do random drug addicts wander the wards in their dirty underwear searching for the bathrooms unescorted.
  5. Why do they have to gown up and put a mask and gloves on to keep themselves from infection but let the visitors go in without them.
  6. Why do you go into a hospital which is suppose to a super clean environment and come up hurrying home to take a shower
Questions to ponder on a Sunday



  1. hmmmm Something to think about. Have a great night.

  2. That first one had me laughing right away!! I agree with you on all these. I think I'll just stay away from hospitals. Our neighbor's son had a serious leg injury and while he was in the hospital he got a staph (??) infection and now the serious problem has become one of maybe losing his leg!!

  3. hospitals... are the same world over... your description made me laugh as its so like what we have here. I worked in a hopsital a few yrs ago and saw a lot of your first point and that was enough to last me a lifetime!!! lol!!!! The word YUK! comes to mind at this point!!! hows your mum going?


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