Sunday, May 02, 2010

misc mumblings

This is the visual journal I am working in right now.  I dont know
why I bought it, it has pictures of walls in it that I guesso over, but
it will do for now.
This is one of the pockets I made in it, to hold stuff I get, or collect .  I have
made 2 , the other one is on the front cover

Weather:  perfect
Cleaning:  windows, and washing drapes with Hubby's help
wearing:  capris and blue shirt and apron
dinner:  Roast beef, roasted potates, gravy, yorkshire pudding, aspargus
watching:  Doctor Drew
Online:  Joined the may art journal challenge, lets see how far
I get with that.


  1. aha - youve made yorkshire puds! oh so yummy! love the look of that full book!

  2. ps - thank you so much for your nice email Lee and kind words... appreciated.

  3. Very interesting looking journal. I like the pocket you added.

    Dinner sounds like something my hubby would enjoy....especially the asparagus. It's his favorite veggie.

    Where is the art journal challenge?


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