Friday, May 14, 2010

Show and Tell Friday

A handmade vase with my flower arrangement in it.  I am no flower arranger

Devil Dog takeing 5
Shells from the Phillipines beaches, courtesy of the Shopper
Visual Journal page in progress
Mail art courstey of Janet
Beautiful  art and postcards    ( I scratched out my address to keep fan mail down to a minimum lol)
Thanks again Janet I really love these

My love of purses does not match the shoppers but I just had to have this one, which
I bought yesterday as a treat.

Now show and tell  us something radnom, in your life in your house


  1. Did you make the vase? I think your flowers look beautiful in it. And Devil Dog looks pretty darn sweet in that photo! Are you sure it isn't Angel Dog?

    Love the purse! I'm such a slob....I carry one purse in the summer and one in the winter. But I love looking at them in the stores.

    Glad you like the art I sent. It's always fun doing a swap with you.


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