Monday, May 31, 2010

Its me again....

Do you know who sang that song?  Think about it?  It might be before your time, but definitely not in the dark ages...Do you want to know, not really you say, to bad its my blog and I get to do anything.  It is by the Sister Sledge, if you haven't heard it before go to
and be amazed.  I used to sing this around the house all the time.  Yes I am a singer, at the top of my lungs, when nobody is home but me and devil dog...I am sure she appreciates my singing she usually leaves the room. I had been thinking about my sisters and then the song and then put it in my visual art journal.  Don't you love how my Brain works (lol)

Well today is Monday...don't you hate Mondays I do and I don't work, whats that about, a leftover from my working days, when you had the rest of the week to work before the weekend.
Well the weather is still crappy, so no suntanning on the deck today.  Not that I do the neighbours took up a petition and asked that I please do not appear on the deck with that string bikini anymore.  Now that was a joke this body will never see a string bikini.  Well enough of this nonsenses, go out into the world and do something today, spend some money, help the economy.  I think that is exactly what I will do today....Report back what did you buy....



  1. Ive never listened to sister sledge... time for a new musical education!

  2. I couldn't have avoided that song even if I tried - its everywhere... though I never did know who sang it!
    So on your shopping spree did you buy one of those itsy bitsy sparkling star spangled bikinis for memorial day?! haha. I know you did!


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