Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where has my life gone

This used to say 2009 but I recycled this little dittie to say 2010.  Because where has my life gone.  It seems to be flying by.  I thought when I quit work I would be a lady of leisure and be able to work in the studio all day or whenever I want.  But who was going to clean the house, wash the clothes, and make the dinner.  So in order to facilitate more time for me....I hired a cleaning lady.  Now I have had many cleaning ladies in my life when I was working.  So there was a wee bit of  guilt associated with this hiring as I am not working but hubby was okay with it because I have no me time lately, with my mother being ill and in the hospital and me going every day, things that I used to do got left behind.  So I have her here working today, what a hard worker, she is doing stuff that needs to be done and I have not got to.  So I am only going to get her once a month, because I can keep up with the daily stuff, but the big stuff that I like to be done will be done by her.  Today I am home, but I don't need to be, My mother in law has her as a cleaner and she is honest and hard working.  So hubby has been away a couple of days this week out of town on business, so I have been watching TV the finals of a bunch of shows.  I watched American Idol, finale and I liked Lee so I am glad he won.  I watched the finale of Two and A half men, I get a laugh out that show, even if I don't like Charlie Sheen.  Well enough of this dribble drabble what have you been doing with your life.


  1. Hi Lee....I love your pink bird, I don't remember seeing that before.

    As for what I'm doing lately, We're trying to get some landscaping done. Unfortunately the weather has been too hot. Our heat wave finally broke today.

    Have a good one.

  2. My husband and I love two and half men. The mother cracks me up the most!

    And guess what:
    You've been tagged!

  3. Hi lee,

    I like your bird. prayers for your Mom. Can you send your cleaning lady my way lol Have a good night

  4. I wonder each day where all my time has gone....and my life along with it.

    Lucky you to have a cleaning lady even once a month. Although if I could have any help it would be a live-in cook!!


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