Thursday, July 01, 2010

July 1, hit the beach -if you can

July 1, 2010, Summertime.  I love summer, the beach, fish and chips, cold lemonade, or diet coke.  Sand in toes, getting a tan, sitting on the deck with an icy cold beer and watching the sunset.  This is the summer I am going to do all of those things.  I am ready for summer.  My mom is home, no more hospital.  I am getting the cleaning lady in next week. and then its fun in the sun.  Okay I don't live anywhere close to a beach, but I plan on going for a few days with the girls to one in BC.  but I am going to do all the rest, starting now, I am going to the deck and having a cool one.  What are your doing?


  1. We're waiting for "June Gloom" to leave, so we can enjoy a sunny July here in the San Diego area! The beach is calling, isn't it? Enjoy!

  2. Hi Lee, I wished I could go to the beach just like that also. We don't live close either...but our summers are nice here too, which I enjoy a lot this year, no big belly with a baby in, makes me enjoy summer even more!!!!!!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  3. Lee - I am in love with this page! So great.
    Summer is crazy busy for me. But I hoping for some down time and family time this weekend - yay for Holidays to make us stop doing chores and errands in our free time!

  4. Love this page! As for the beach, I'm one of those weird people....I like the beach when it's a little gray and stormy! I'm not a sun worshiper at all. Never tan. But I'll go for a nice tall glass of lemonade!!

  5. great picuture. I recently took my sons to a beach that I used to visit as a child and which is now open again after being renovated..great times crabbing and avoiding the jellyfish!..we plan lots more visits soon


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