Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall daze....

I love fall, the colours, the cooler nights, the nip in the air.  The trees turning all burnt oranges and reds.  You can have hot chocolate, wear long sleeved shirts at night, and pretty soon it is time for those cozy jemmies....Today was a typical fall day, it was beautiful..and it better stay that way since we had such a crappy summer.  Today was about shopping with the shopper, she was spending the money, I was just helping her.  She is now on the hunt for a leather sofa she found one, and the salesperson said its going on sale in October, which is perfect since they don't move in until November.
Did I tell you I am off to Phoenix in November for a week with friends. Can hardly wait, shopping, eating, bonding and generally just been lazy.  I just found out the Scottsdale Art Fest is on then, so we will have to go check that out for sure.
What is your weather like today?


  1. Hi, We had a crappy Summer here too. Today was gorgeous though, nice and warm, blue sky and sunshine. Have fun in Phoenix.

  2. Anonymous10:44 AM

    Rain and then some teasing sunshine keeps popping up....and then back to rain! I planned to jog this morning, but had to carry my oversized Renoir umbrella with me instead!

    but it's a great day here in my studio!
    great sketch...that's how I felt this morning....bed headed!

    have a great day....stop in to play Tag Tuesday,,cause you could be IT!

    ciao bella


  3. You probably already know this but I love your purple haired woman! And the message is good, too.

    As for weather, most of the summer it was pretty good for here....not too hot. But the past few days it's been flirting with triple digits! Currently it's sunny, calm, and about 80º....not bad.

  4. oh we're has not been on all summer and here we are.. It was about 109 on Monday..90 since then..and humid. Yuck. Total sit around and do nothing weather. DREAMING of fall!

  5. Anonymous7:18 AM

    Cool here in northern Arkansas, too! It will warm up as the day progresses. Your purple-haired girl is cute and I like what she's saying about the hair in the eyes.


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