Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I am a groupie

OK its true I am a groupie  I love Pam Carriker's work.  She has a unique style which I admire, but promise not to copy.  Not only that she explains things so well, and makes it interesting at the same time.  I took one online class from her  (The Gray series) using just greys pitt pens and I really enjoyed it, learned allot about shading.  The video I have the link for is really informative, her picture that she does is so much better than my example.  But I did learn allot just from the short video on colour of the face, which I always have trouble with.  So go she has a few new videos up and take a look, if you have not seen them before you will become a groupie, I am sure. 


  1. Me, too. I like her work but have never taken one of her classes. You did a great job of shading on this piece. It's one of the things I have trouble with.

  2. Must look this one up then!


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