Thursday, September 09, 2010

An oldie but goodie

This is an atc I made last year in September for a trade.  I really liked making it, I think the theme was either summer or vacation.  I applied a few layers and paint and stuff.  Other than that what have I been doing.  Not posting, and not on purpose, but not to much to talk about, and I think everyone is pretty busy this month.  Tonight we went out for dinner hubby and I .  We went to our favourite restaurant and I had my favourite ginger beef and rice.  Come out to pouring rain, and wind, its been like that since the beginning of September more like fall than summer still.  I am off for a road trip with my friend on Saturday just overnight to a city about 300 miles away.  Time for a little shopping, wine, good food, and gossip something I need.
I don't remember if I told you i am making a zine for me.  The index is a work in progress, every time I think of something I add it.  I have all my thoughts in a little notebook that I carry with me.  I have been thinking of a name and have narrowed it down to 4.  I am having fun thinking of what is going to go into it.  I have decided that I am going to make 10 and give them away, so If you would like one when its done let me know


  1. Oh, yes....definitely put me on the list for your zine. You know I love your art so anything you make will be good.

  2. me too! same reasons as Janet!

  3. Hi Lee,
    You always have such creative ideas. I would be honored to own one of your zines.

  4. I like the ATC, it looks like a book cover to a place I'd wanna travel...

    Zine names are tricky, huh? I hope you have fun with it, zines rock!

  5. Hi Lee, a zine....that sounds great. I would like to have one too. Your art is so inpsiring to me and I really enjoy reading your post (when I finally find time).
    So off to read and see all new posts!
    Smiles, Anke ;)


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