Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I think I mentioned that I am taking an online class, and one of the questions that was asked was what is your definition of Creativity.  Of course everyone has a different way of defining it, but this is mine.
The class is a little different that I thought it would be, but I am enjoying it.  It's more of a thinking course, thinking about why and how you make art.

Well today is a go day, yesterday was all about the upkeep of this house.  Doing those cleaning jobs that I hate, cleaning the oven, even though you just turn it on, checking the spice drawer, and getting rid of the old ones.  They don't last forever people...and paring down to the ones that I use all the time.  I had spices in there I think I have never used.  Washing the floors, laundry.  You know the mundane chores that need to get done.  So today I am taking it for me.  I watched the new season of House...I think I have mentioned many times before how much I like that show.....

Books back to the library, and a book to pickup
I think I need a pedicure
Diet Coke and my journal to the second cup
Phone hubby I think I need dinner out tonight
Home to watch the new season of Glee and whatever else is on

OK what are you going to do today to treat yourself?


  1. This painting is great! I like the colors, the shapes, the words, that piece in the center....perfect!

    I'm having a "me" day, too.

  2. oh I would love a pedicure... time is an issue though. so instead I'll just paint my toe nails!

  3. Great interpretation! Love the colors, very dramatic.

  4. shopping and cooking on the agenda for me today! nothing as nice as some me time!


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