Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fishing without a Pole

I bought some card stock at the dollar store the other day, it was cheap a dollar so I thought I could try it.  Last night while watching TV I decided I needed to start drawing more, quick sketches with pen, not a pencil no erasing allowed (thus the black pen) I picked a subject that I like fish and birds, animals in general and quickly started to draw, then finished it off with cheap markers.  I feel I need to practice more, only then will my drawings improve.
Today I am off to do my volunteer work at my mom's lodge where she lives.  She volunteers me, and I do it.  Today its helping a friend of my Moms who is 90 pick up something at the store, she has no family.  I offered to just pick it up, but she wants to come. I feel bad for anyone that is older and doen't have a family to help them, getting old is no picnic and doing it by yourself cant be good.


  1. Love the coffee page and the fish : ) How good of you to volunteer. Hannah did this summer at a retirement center. Was good for everyone involved.

  2. Your fish looks good, and I enjoyed the coffee post, too. Bet that guy will remember you if you go in again!

  3. I love the fish and I think you're an angel for the 90-year old friend of your mom's... bless you! Happy creations from germany, tj


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