Friday, September 24, 2010

I am the king of the castle....

Another quick pen sketch, water with blue marker

Lunch today with friends planning a trip to Phoenix
Going to listen to a new Seal cd in the car
weather lovely, sunny, car windows will be open
dinner: chicken breast, rice pilaf, Greek salad
art more sketches and journal work
By the bed new book called the Passage
Whats on your bedside table?


  1. You're doing some really cool things with these quick sketches.

    I just went to the library yesterday so there are five books waiting for me on my bedside table. Right now I've started "This Cold Country" by Annabel Davis-Goff.

  2. Next to my bed is a pile of research papers about the effects of military deployment on soldiers' children and another pile of research that exemplifies a qualitative research paper write-up...
    wanna trade?

  3. Love the sketch. I am in a travel trailer in my driveway while my house is being remodeled so I have no bedside table, my cpap machine is on the floor by my bed.


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