Friday, September 17, 2010

tools of the trade

If this drawing looks all jiggly it's because you weren't suppose to stop drawing.  I am taking an online course and one of the exercises was to draw something you use or something in your art room..After I was finished I thought I could make it look a little better by colouring with markers. 

Well today was:
cleaning the fridge, much needed
shopping with the shopper for things for the condo
lunch out
watching Oprah give away things, and having a little cry along with her
and that's it from here, what did you do today>


  1. I love looking at journal pages with these sort of drawings in looking around at all the items one by one :)

    Today? Worked at the pre-school, came home, worked here, found out the service on my car is $990, had a mild heart attack, took child to part, now catching up on blogs. :)

    Happy weekend, Lee.

  2. That is a great drawing, it is hard to draw and not lift your pencil. Today is Saturday and I plan on doing the dishes, one load of laundry and painting.

  3. Great contour drawings, Lee! The "jiggly-ness" is part of the beauty! :o)

  4. Anonymous8:16 PM

    I like these kind of contour drawings too! I also chuckled over Sophie the devil dog's guest post last Wed...Good post and so true!

  5. Oh Lee, your new art is sooooooooo awesome! Keep on going where you are going and try out still a lot.....I need once in while some inspiration too! Smiles, Anke ;)

  6. Love this drawing. In fact, I'm loving all of your artwork. Bad hair day is really wonderful. Those eyes! and the general, - I don't know the word for it - smooshiness? Love it! You've got a new follower. Thanks.


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