Friday, March 11, 2011

The 10 things that turned to 6 things that bug me

I decided to do a post about 6 things that bug me.  I know you are all clinging to  the edge of your seats, saying to yourself, god i cant wait to read this and know that what bugs her? lol  ok here I go.

1.  I hate it when i am in a nice restaurant and I look around and every jackass in the place has his baseball hat on while eating his steak and lobster.  Was this jackass born in a barn.

2.  This one really bugs me, while out driving, the car in front of you turns and decides not to use their signal light, so that you just about back end them, because you don't know they are turning.

3.  Whatever happened to customer service, did it go the way the economy went down the toilet.  Don't companies  want to keep the customers they have. Or are they to cheap to hire enough people to work at their store,so they would rather have you stand in line for 45 minute's because only one clerk is on duty and she is new and does not know how to work the till  and ends up crying and leaving you and the other 50 people in line with nobody manning the till.

4.  Okay this one might make sound like a crybaby, how come nobody but 4 or 5 people read this blog and leave comments.  Tell me I really want to know.  I have been tempted to turn off the comments and just keep blogging , then it would not upset me, when no one comments.  Don't you wish you were one of those people who had to turn off their comments because they are over whelmed with comments. OK I said my say, I am wiping the tears and putting on my big girl panties.

5.  Please tell the media, NO MORE CHARLIE SHEEN, he is one dude who could benefit with less
publicity and a little help from the medical community.  Why do people love to see famous people spiral out of control.

6.  Dont you hate it when the postoffice lady comes to your door at 12:25 and your in your pj/s with an apron and fleece vest on, and your hair looks like a rat made a nest in it.

 I changed it from 10 to6 just because i thought you might be sick of reading this, as I just re-read it and decided enough was enough.  What things bug you???Come on must be something, someone, what?


  1. I got a chuckle from a couple of these but you're so right. I think manners and customer service are things of the past! I think I might be able to handle the baseball cap if he's just put down his cell phone and actually have a conversation with the person across the table from him! That's one of my biggest gripes.

    I'll keep reading your blog and commenting on it because I love it. You're stuck with me!!

  2. So many good points (I don't like that they play such loud music in restaurants anymore - grrr).

    As for commenting, lots of bloggers feel this way at some point or another. As a blog reader, I'm often shy about commenting, something I know I need to work on, because I really do appereciate and value my favorite blogs, like yours!


  3. Okay Lee, I'm going to comment! I love that you're "telling it like it is" today!
    I'd tell you what bugs me, but I've already reached my quota of grumbling, so I'll just enjoy reading the others for now! Hee hee! :o)

  4. Anonymous4:30 PM

    I think this one was really good and I comment when ever there is something to comment about and that is not always every time I am on your blog
    keep it up I love the blog
    love always your cousin in Vanccouver
    Kathy xxoo

  5. OMG Lee youve hit many nails on the head with this hammer.... I loved this post and it made me laugh and nod my head to agree with you! Comments... yes I apparently have a few readers so why do only so few comment? Then I go to other blogs and their post may consist of a hello and they get 200 + comments WHY? and as for charlie... well he is making a proper charlie of himself and he needs medical attention not media attention. He is a sad man.

    Youre stuck with me as a reader too!

  6. when people talk with their mouths full. SERIOUSLY pisses me off.
    it is even worse when it is on TV or in a movie because someone had to direct them to talk with their mouths full. I've been known to fastforward whole scenes regardless of how important it is because I'm just too grossed out!

  7. I am most bugged by people who get their way by refusing to cooperate with the rules.
    Or those who take advantage of the disadvantaged. It burns my butt!!!

    Great post Lee. And you just keep going girl. 5 regular commenters are worth 100 fly-by-nights.

    I believe in you!
    Hugs from germany, tj

  8. HI, actually this is a fun post. It is good for the soul to get out our frustrations. I agree with all of yours, I do have a slight variation about the car that does not signal. I hate it when I am waiting to make a left turn and there is that one car coming and they turn right and you could have gone if they would have just signaled! I hope my comments show up cause every time I comment I get a notice in my email that it was undeliverable, what's up with that?

  9. Let your anger out, it's awesome and quite unusual in the blog world! I love this post, go girl!

  10. You are so right on all of those!
    Along with the baseball hat in restaurants, I will had talking on their cellphone so loudly that everyone around hears the conversation.
    What about people who don't keep the door open for others, especially the elderly and disabled? I hate that.

    I don't always comment mostly because I follow your blog through Google Reader and forget to click over to the blog post itself. But I read every single post.


  11. What bugs me? That I have only just stumbled on the blog of someone who, like me, can get carried away on something and somehow forget to get dressed. Such an intelligent approach to life!

    As for being bugged - I am just plain envious hearing all you northern hemisphere people talking about the joys of the approaching spring! Here, winter is coming! My idea of bliss would be to move from one hemisphere to the other and avoid mid-winter altogether!

  12. TJ just introduced me to your blog and I like this place, I think I'll be hanging around here frequently. As someone who always likes to leave a comment to let the blog owner know that I was here and liked what I read your comments count should increase by 1, well it's a start :)

  13. Hi Lee, at least you have 5 commenters ;) Maybe poeple don't know how to comment on blogger. Well, it's not really bugging me, but I know a lot of poeple are reading my blog. I get feedback on FB more than on my blog. That's okay. I post anyway and if somebody leaves a comment even better.
    Your things who bug you, a lot I agree with, especially customer services...same thing here!!!!!
    So I hope you have a great sunday, looking forward to your coming posts, smiles, Anke ;)

  14. one comments unless you're giving stuff away..there is no's like everyone just blog channel surfs now.

    Love the baseball cap dad would have backhanded my brother if he wore a hat inside the house.


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