Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Is Feminine Frills for you?

Are you up for a fun Challenge.  Janet  and I are co-hosting a fun challenge, it's all about finding your inner feminine side.  We have called Feminine Frills, its only 1 6x6 card.  Janet and I will do all the work,pair the partners, set the deadlines/  All you have to do is create, and you know how we all love to create.   So why not join in.  Sign up here or with Janet, leave your name and address.  If your comfortable doing that email me.  My email is on my profile page.  So lets have some fun,.  I am ready for some fun how about you?


  1. This is beautiful Lee!
    Much love

  2. Love love love the sketch!! I just posted about the swap/trade, too. I had to use an old drawing I did way back when.

  3. Hi Lee, I am signed up on Janet's blog, looking forward to the swap.


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