Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A bit of this and alot of that

I want to tell you that I have this book, and I love it.  Janet and I are each doing the same project from this book and exchanging with each other.  Just to see how we both interrupt the directions. 

I thought I would show you a few things that I use in my art.. Not that I think that I am the guru of the art world and supplies. I just thought you might be interested.
This is a book I bought awhile ago, I mark all the books I read in it, plus the books on tape, I give them a rating, and this ramble about what was the book was about.  I know how anal am I.  I used to keep buying the same book thinking that I had not read it before.  So this saves me time and money.

 2.  Scissors, ok I use all kinds of scissors, usually from the dollar store, but I have two go to scissors, when I want good ones, these ones which are Cutter Bee, I like them cause they can maneover really good, and the other pair, Tim Holtz, they have big handles and are comforable in my hand.

This is what I store my individual letters in.  I looked and looked for something.  On a trip to Arizonia I went in the container store and found this, perfect in every way, holds all the letters, and then I bought one for numbers.  Sometimes I just go through magazines while sitting on the couch and cut letters out of magazines, and put them in here.  So when you want a letter it is easy to get.  Now If i could only find something for whole words

Now here is my visual journal, I have a picture of the front cover down below.  I love this journal, I did not make it, I bought it, its the mixed medial journal from Strathmore.  The paper can stand up to anything you can throw at it.  I have all three sizes.  Here is a page in my journal that is in progress, I have gessoed it , and then put book pages etc on it.

The only problem with this type of journal, is it a spiral ,but that does not
bother me, but some people dont like it.
Now remember this pages have just been started, tommorow I will show you what they look like after paint.

so here they are all sizes, big visual journal, med I use as a sketch book, lidea book, watecolour book, the small ones goes in my purse and sometimes I use it to sketch out ideas

The cover on the medium ones all I do is when I find something I like I just add it the front or the back of the cover.  and when its finished I varnish the cover.

Now below you can see what I use for white pen.  I have issues with pens, white pens, black pens, they
dont seem to last long.  I am impaitent and try to use them when its wet and i wreck alot of pens.  I have found these three pens work the best for me.
2 of the pens are whiteout pens, 1 bought at staples the blue one, and 1 bought at the dollar store, the white one.
The pen is a Signo pen I think it is 4;00 a pen

Well there it is, some of the supplies I use in my art.


  1. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this post! It's always fun to have a peek at what other artists use. That container for letters is fantastic! And I'd be lost without my Cutter Bees.

    I wish I could sit down with your journals and just look through all the pages. I'm sure I'd be inspired. Just seeing a peek at them has given me lots of ideas!

  2. What a fun look at your supplies! I like your letter-organizing idea, too. I am definitely going to look into doing something like that. I currently only clip words and phrases, and just keep them in envelopes, which I dump out and look through when I want something for a journal page or project. I'm not sure there's any way to really "organize" such things!

  3. Thanks for sharing! I can't get enough of peeking into artist's studios! And I will definitely come back tomrrow to see those journal pages finished!

  4. really enjoyed this peek into your art life in the studio! More please! those journals looks o intersting how about a peek thru some of the pages Lee?

  5. Hi Lee, I am having that book in my mind for a while....so it's good, huh? Well I guess I WILL GET iT NEXT. Right now I have two other books I read. Thanks for the reminder though!!!
    I enjoyed reading your post today!
    Smiles, Anke ;)

  6. How fun to look through your Stuff. Some great ideas there that I shall steal and use.
    (P.S. your swap piece from me was mailed yesterday)

  7. I just received that book from Kate on Monday but haven't had a chance to look through it yet.
    I love your idea for filling the cover on the medium journal. I think I will that for one of my journals eventually.
    The white pen I like best is a Sharpie PosterPaint marker. I found mine at DeSerres but I think most art store carry them.



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