Friday, March 04, 2011

Is your glass half full?

Lately, I have been feeling my glass is half full? What does that mean to me? Well creatively I am feeling like
my art is not going anywhere, that I am at a stalemate not getting any better, remaining the same.  Do you ever feel like that? Then you start to doubt yourself, and then your art.  And the circle begins.  So how do you work it out, fill up that glass and move on. Well here is what I am trying, don't know if its going to work, I am taking online courses to try and push myself artistically.  I am trying to sketch everyday, anything that I see, as an artist you constantly need to try to push your boundaries.  If I am not creating everyday, which I am not, I sketch, or read an art book, just to try and keep ideas pumping through.  If I think of an idea even if it is crappy in my  mind, I write it down in an idea book, I have these books all over the house.  And when I cant think of one thing I go through the ideas books, and try to rework the crappy ones. So far that is what I am doing, if you can think of any other ones leet me know, I want to fill up that glass.


  1. I doubt myself all the time. I tell myself I'm going to push myself to do new things but then I slip back into the stuff I'm comfortable with. Good for you for keeping at it and really pushing yourself. I need to take a page from your book and do something out of my comfort zone.

  2. ooo what an exciting journey to be on! I really hope that after graduation I am able to incorporate more creativity time into my everyday!

    I hope you find your inspiration!

  3. great ideas.. I have a notebook too and its a useful thing as you say when ideas are low. Youre very positive about when creativity is on the low side... I find I get quite upset about it and then its even harder to focus on anything! Keep on filling that glass! Youre an inspiration even when youre not doing art!

  4. Lee, you are one of my most favorite artists -- and in a scene where so much stuff just looks the same, you are amazingly ORIGINAL which people work their whole lives to try and do. So keep going my friend, you are terrific and I am your fan!!
    Hugs from germany,

  5. I agree with T.J....I think your work is very original and I always enjoy seeing what you will come up with next.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and to answer your question, yes we have been to Key West about 7 years ago, and we loved it, that's why we can't wait to go down there this month.

  6. I'm not creating much these days glass is empty and I am percolating. Don't worry about it too much,'s totally acceptable to do nothing. :)

  7. Sounds like a good plan. And don't be soooo hard on yourself. Sometimes art doesn't turn out perfect. But that is okay! As long it's an 'okay' rating from you its all good and the next one might be a 'wow' again. I have that too...sometimes it's just an 'okay' result.

    Smiles, Anke ;)


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