Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Do you like pockets

This is the inside cover of my visual journal.  See that white stuff above the bird, well thats where my pocket is.  I like pockets in my journal, I like to put stuff in there that i cut out and then I like to forget that I ever put anything in there (lol) dont get old you lose your memory . ]

Ok bloggers we need one more person for our 6x6 exchange,Feminnie Frills, come on I know you want to join in on the fun, I finished mine already and thats a miracle, usually I am down to wire at 2:00 am working on something. 

Don't forget the big draw for the book Master Collage is tomorrow, I am going to do the draw in the afternoon, any one who has commented in the last little while will be entered.  I want to thank you all for taking the time to write a comment the other day the most comments I have ever had.  I was thrilled.

Tonight I am out to dinner with hubby and the shopper, we are off to our favourite place, its call the KEG
they serve the best steaks, there.  I don't have steak very much because we don't have red meat very often, so I enjoy it when I go out.  I usually have the keg combo, tenderloin teriki steak, baked potato and vegetable, to start I like for an appetizer to have sn mushroom caps with snails in them and garlic butter.\
Ok if you don't like them, I never did but now I love them.
Well I better go and get ready, don't forget we need 1 more person for the 6x6 exchange.  And the big draw is tomorrow.


  1. I don't think I have any pockets in my journals! That has to change. I'm going to add some today.

    Enjoy your steak dinner.

  2. great pages, I love the idea of pockets!
    and STEAK! YUM I don't eat red meat often either, but when I do it is so so good!

  3. Love your pockets. Pockets ROCK.
    I just finished my 6x6 yesterday, I'm excited to swap!!

    Off for the weekend now. Hope you all have wonderful creations,

  4. Love the pockets, they are a fun addition. I used to Love the Keg but they are all closed here, it is a shame as they were very good. Looking forward to the swap.

  5. (PS. Your pages are up on the community project blog!)
    thanks again, a million times over!

  6. I will participate in your 6X6 challenge if you still want/need someone. Let me know!!


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