Thursday, March 17, 2011

Drum Roll Please...

This is a old picture of my dad

Let me first off say, I wish you all could win......when my ship comes in.  Well I just drew the name of the winner.   And the winner is Jeannine of Four Rooms.  A really great artist you should check out her site here is her link  I did it all fair and square, put every ones name in a bowl, scrunched them all up and the first name that came out   So congratulations to Jeannine and here's to the next draw.


  1. That photo is a treasure! What a cute little boy he was. I can see this photo turning up in some of your art.

    Congratulations to Jeannine.

  2. Oh! What a lucky day! Thank you, Lee. I will email you with my address.

    What a wonderful photo too, a treasure.


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