Monday, March 28, 2011

The rest of the Postcards

I call this one birds eye view

I used markers and watercolours on this one

The camera was done with markers and film and mag letters
I must had done this one 10 times trying to get the circle round and it still is not
 The fish were done with markers and watercolours
 The swaying trees were watercolours

Rome below was done with watercolours, and black Pitt markers

Venice was done with markers and watercolours

Now this house does not look so good here, but in real life it was my favourite,
I used hand made paper, time holtz tape, film, cord and watercolours and in real life it is straight


  1. Beautiful postcards! I don't think I could pick a favourite if you asked because they all have something special.

  2. These are great! Anyone would be happy to receive one of them. I especially like the camera and the house.

  3. wow I like them all - my faves? I like the venice one and the flowers the best I think, but all are amazing! you have such good ideas on what to put on each one!

  4. Very nice! Such a variety of images. I love the little houses on your first card. I like the camera, too, as well as your fish. Fun!

  5. I received the watercolor tree one here in MN and couldn't be happier!!! It is really a wonderful card, thank you.

  6. Hi Lee, I received the Open House (Home) via the iHanna Postcard swap! Thank you so much, I love it!!!!
    I like your blog a lot, I will come back more often. Thanks again!
    Groetjes from The Netherlands!


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