Saturday, December 01, 2012

the countdown begins

a long ago sketch tossed aside and forgotten
the wrapping begins today
the tree goes up on Sunday
and then comes down on the 26 th
 tonight a bbq with mittens and wintercoat
to cook steak
a good book to read from the Library
whats on your Saturday any plans?


  1. It takes me some time to get the holiday stuff up around here and I haven't even begun presents yet, you smart woman! Do you have a good storage place for your holiday decs when you put them away? I think part of my problem is that I put mine in a closet under the stairs and I have more stuff than closet! It's like a puzzle.

    We're staying home today except for a possible trip to the grocery. It's sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and the temps will be in the 80's. Not bad at all, but we sorely need rain. Have fun with all your holiday plans!

  2. I've been working on the big tree in the living room today. It's almost finished. Then I can start the smaller one in the family room. I also puttered in the studio, did some cleaning and laundry and will let HB cook dinner tonight!

  3. You are in good shape if you got your wrapping started on Saturday!! I still have to get my shopping done. The pastor reminded us today that there are only two weeks until minute I'm ahead of the game, and the next I am far, far behind!


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