Thursday, March 21, 2013

10 things I love and you didn't want to know about

Well since I don't have much to say today, or most days, here are 10 things that I cant live without, (family is a given so I not including things like that)

1.  French fries (chips) fries what ever you want to call them-now you know why I have a little bit
of a weight problem, been limiting myself to once a week 15 fries and savouring every mouthful. My favourite place to get fries is NY fries, McDonald's.

2. colour, I love colour i cannot live in a black and white world

3. The computer, its a wealth of information, anything and everything you want to know, or need to know fast, it might be sometimes a big time waster, but what would we do without it.  Plus I love connecting with people who I might never have known thru my blog.

4.  Books on CD's - when in my car, I listen to books on CDS another way to get my book fix  in, and its great on long trips, makes the trip go way faster.

5.  Walking the dog, I might complain about it but I love walking the dog, not only for the excerise, I also listen to books on my IPOD, or just thinking, I think alot when walking, about art, the blog, it just clears your mind.

6.  Swimming, as much as I hate going 5 days a week, because I do it in the morning, so I have to get up early (I do like my sleep), it seem to get the day going, I get there, swim, think, talk to people, and generally its a nice way to start my day.  (and some days you need stuff to occupy your days)

7.  Food, I like to cook and find new recipes for cooking light (we both need a few pounds to go away) and trying them out on the hubby (he will eat anything)lol

8.  Art - I love sketching, painting, and making stuff, coming up with ideas, and trying them out, even when they turn out like crap.  We all need a passion in our lives and art is mine .

9.  Travelling - I love to travel and I don't do enough of it, hubby is a stick in the mud that way, so I have decided to start to travel more with friends, by myself, whatever, there is a whole world out there waiting to be seen by me.

10.Organizing (in another life I should have been an organizer), I love to organize things, not parties, or anything like that but I like to organize objects, groups of like minded things, weird or what, but that's what I like to do.

Okay now you know more about me then you probably wanted to know, but that's how it rolls around here, (I always wanted to say that), talk to you soon.


  1. I like learning more things about you. I like to organize, too! I just don't seem to do it enough though.

    Love your vase of flowers. I hope you never get tired of doing art.

  2. I love learning a bit more about friends that I blog with and enjoyed seeing these 10 things you love :)

    I also love that lovely painting above...very cheerful and spring like!

  3. I LOVE how you did that background! So colourful and joyful and uplifting! Your ten things you can't live without sound very familiar ... Except for the swimming: WOW! I admire you for doing that 5 times a week! Wished I could get myself to do it at least once ....

  4. I loved this list! its amazing how and what we learn about others, and compared to yours, I wish I'd done my list differently, ine is soooo boring compared to yours! may have to redo mine! or maybe I AM boring? lol!

  5. Love the flowers, and it's great to learn a bit more of you too.

  6. I love organizing too, but I can deconstruct my fine intentions just as easily when I'm looking for something. Now you've got me thinking about 10 things. I wonder about things that bug me too. Now that's two journal topics. Thanks for sharing the info and the idea.


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