Sunday, March 03, 2013

Rain rain go away

Well today I was going to go to the zoo, to sketch, but we had a huge snowfall, then rain, then freezing , so its icy and I am not going.  We dont have a huge zoo, quite a small one.  I have not been there in years, so thats on my list to do this week.  I am trying to stretch myself creatively.  I have been taking that Strathmore Art Class, its free you should take it.  Anyway they have a great painter showing us how he paints and layers, and I am excited to try it.  Its his style, but feel I could tweek and make it my own, so I might give that a try today, as I am already working on a canvas, and was stuck, so I have some ideas. Other than that, I dont know I will see what the day holds.  I had a really good day at the library, sketched lots, read some amazing art books.  What are you doing today?


  1. I like your giraffe. The Strathmore classes are good. Yesterday I watched that guy paint. He has that loose style that I can never achieve...I love it, just can't do it.

    More work in the yard today and a little bit of art. HB cooked breakfast so I'm stuffed right now.

  2. love your giraffe and the fact that you are trying different things. since you are - i am trying to get the courage to do so as well! hey! let's see what you want to do with that little red umbrella! i could use some new ideas!

  3. No doubt this is a giraffe, and you do it in your own special way each time. I wish I could see my style as clearly as yours.
    This time of year we have most weather types each day too, it will soon be over though.
    Today I wrote my very first haiku, it's fun and I really like searching for those special few words.

  4. What a darling cute!

    You are so energetic and creative thses days that the weather isn't even slowing you down that much :)

    We are in for more snow starting tonight. Up to 8" more :)

    I have been reading all morning and loving every minute of it!!!

  5. Sure wished I could just go "Poof with the snap of my fingers" to send you some of our wonderful warm weather your way.

    As with me what have I done so far today? Work on my new blog that I just open up today and doing some blog checking to see if anyone is still blogging away yet. "Yippy I am so glad that you are still here yet and didn't disappeared! "Me is happy now"

  6. I love the idea of going to the zoo to THAT'S a great Artist's Date! I don't think I could get much done with two preschoolers in tow, but that's a To Do for a much-later list.

    I am checking out that Strathmore class, too. I love his easy, casual style...I could definitely learn a thing or two from him!

  7. Hi Lee....I love the giraffe! I watched Robert Joyner's lesson at Strathmore today and I agree with everyone else...his style is great! I want that cart that you showed a few posts back! I need something like that to get things consolidated in one spot. I hope you have a creative week...later...Mary

  8. I enjoy your giraffe. Since a giraffe was born at our local zoo, he's been very, very popular.

    Today Husband and I ran errands earlier today, then my great nephew cooked for us. We've been a couple of lazy people this evening because our tummies are too full. It was the first time Nephew has cooked for us and we so appreciated it!

  9. I love the giraffe Lee and I love to see them in real. The colours you use make me feel happy! Gorgeous art.


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