Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Whats for dinner?

I never did show you this one, I created for the 29 faces, she a bit on the thin side.
I have been busy creating some new postcards, I decided  they will not all be new but about half and half.  I will start showing some of them soon.  Tonight its a whole chicken already cooked from the grocery store, rice pilaf which i cooked, and broccoli and coleslaw   You know its a slow news day when I tell you whats dinner.  On that note what are you having?


  1. I like her... and the way her hands are in her pockets!

    dinner last night..erm.... I had sandwiches and fries... in the hope of losing weight... its so hard!!!! are you still on your diet?

  2. what a great and wonderful drawing - I LOVE it!

  3. I like her too. Are you making postcards for Hanna's swap or another one? Cheers,

  4. That waistline is to die for. I like your girl, hands in her pockets looking relaxed.

  5. I also like her too, the colors are great together. as for I had for my dinner last night as well as for tonight was a Chef Salad.

  6. We've been running around a lot this week, business, taxes, etc., so our dinners have been light or "bad" (drive-thru's, yuck!) This weekend I'm cooking though! As soon as I go to the grocery store on Saturday.

    I like your girl and would love her slender waistline!


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