Friday, March 01, 2013

Mosiac mayhem

In 17 days I will be having my 60th birthday.  I dont feel 60 I still feel 30, so thats good.  Though my mother at 82 still felt 40 .  Your body may get older but your mind can stay young.  Anyway
I have decided to do 17 nice things might be for me, might be for someone else, might be a giveaway, but I decided I am doing it.  I will let you know each day what I did.


  1. Your mosaic is wonderful! Don't you just love it yourself! And I think your 17 day project sounds great, culminating with your big day. I hope you have lots and lots of fun. And Happy Birthday in advance!

  2. oh happy happy birthday to you Lee, my dh turns 60 this year too... I'm still a baby!

    I just love that mosaic... putting all those faces togther really gives you the whole picture of how hard youve worked the last 29 days of it! I would print that out and make a picture to hang on your wall of it! love it!

    whats the plan for your b'day are you having a party at home?

  3. Lovely mosaic, how cool to see them all together. Well done on this challenge. Big day coming up soon, well it's just numbers, what counts is how you feel. Have fun with your 17 day project, I'm sure you'll come up with something fun.

  4. The collage is just beautiful. It must be great to see them all together like that! 17 good things sounds like a plan to me, can't waiti to hear more. I wonder what you used to make the collage? I used to use bighugelabs but have found it has changed and now can't find anything to replace it(that is free!).

  5. They look fantastic all together in one picture! And what a great idea to do 17 good things. You have the best ideas!!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous collage, Lee...great job!!!

    I think that you have a great way of looking at life and your idea for 17 good things is wonderful. I'll be looking forward to seeing what you come-up with!!!

  7. HI Lee! I MADE IT! To check in with you.....enjoyed so far all the new art you created and will read the rest. My birthday is soon too.....I will make it a birthday week this year. Since I work on my actual day and that is okay. And a lot filled my week already with plans which makes me smile.

    I do not even know how old i feel! HA! Interesting. Timeless? Somehow yes. Floating in life without a number. Even I really like this number 33.

    I wish you a wonderful SUNDAY, smiles, Anke :))))

  8. Wow, I love your mosaic of faces! So wonderful to see them all together, great work! Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  9. I really love your style. I working on a 365 day drawing challenge. Today is Day 60. I'm trying to improve my drawing skills and I can see a big difference. I've done a few faces, but I might do a few more after seeing your mosaic. Very lovely work.


  10. Early congrats!!!!
    Also, thank you for participating in the challenge!


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