Monday, March 11, 2013

Art Journal, hide and seek

I am late again, life just gets in the way (lol).  I have been organizing again, I love organizing as much as I love art, I am making rice pilaf for my daughter to take home, making us some for here.  Helping the neighbour with some problems.  So was a busy day today.  This is in my journal.  This journal I am not to comfortable with, the journal I was working on and loved, I threw out by accident.  So now I am looking around for a new journal with the same feel as the old one.  You know the minute you open it , it speaks to you and you know I could make this an art journal.  First what do you use for a journal, and how did you find it?


  1. I do judge books by their covers, and if the cover of a journal speaks to me then I buy it! I also have journal faves and some journals just dont speak to me at first, but then one day I find I pick them up and use them! I love organising too!!!

  2. With me I have to go with the feel of the material on the cover as well as the colors, I also check out the paper inside the journal, I try to find one that the paper isn't too thin, I usually avoid those types. Often I hunt for the blues to the greens colors, and I most certainly do try to go for all natural fibers providing there is a good price tag attached to them.

  3. I absolutely know what you mean! My latest journal is the pattern one and that one I made myself. I had no idea of using it as a journal, but it's perfect for that purpose. My other journals are from thrift stores. To me it's important with "dry" papers which means no shiny at all. Obviesly the size means something too. The journal I use now is larger and it still isn't as good to work in as I had hoped for.

  4. I don't keep a journal so I guess I don't have an answer this time, Lee :)

    This is a neat drawing and those cheerful colors!

  5. The journal I'm currently using (and love) is a book about cats. I've removed every third page and gessoed the remaining pages. I love the size of this's a little larger than the size of a sheet of printer paper.

    Sometimes I'm drawn to a journal if it has an interesting cover but mostly it's all about the size and the paper.

  6. You lost your old journal? The horror! I hope you eventually find it, maybe? Old journals are treasures and a new one is a treasure-to-be, so I'll look forward to seeing pictures from yours if you care to share?

    I prefer journals that are not traditionally bound, but ones that will open flat in case I want to draw on a page. I don't do well with lined pages either as my writing tends to go all over the place. I have a few large journals that don't suit me as well as the smaller ones. Blank books are, as someone said, kryptonite for me, so I probably have too many.


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