Wednesday, March 06, 2013


It seems when you retire, so does your spelling capability, I used to be such a good speller, now I cant spell anything.  So spelling, remembering things like what you are in the fridge for, peoples names, are just some of the fun things you have to look forward to as you age.  Well I signed up for ihannas postcard swap, 10 postcards by the end of March cost 6.00 .  I wasn't going to but decided I needed a good kick start so
I am in, created one last night only 9 more to go, if you want in here is the link

so what art  projects are you up for?


  1. I was going to comment but I forgot what I wanted to say! Only kidding ;)

    Very neat painting, Lee. I really love the loose style of it~~~


  2. Nice flower, reminds me of some I tried to sow some years ago. Mine ended in the trash bin. Don't remember the spelling, names and other stuff, it's a nice beginning they say. If you start cutting out celebs from magazines, place them in your furnitures and start feeding them, it's time to take a grip.

  3. nice flour uh i mean flower!

  4. whose blog is this? sorry cant remember... hang on this is Lees blog! lol.... same here with the memory its an age thing! I do like the flower!

  5. Memory...what memory? Who am I? What am I doing here? That's mostly how my day goes!!

    I like your flower...I wish I could grow some like that.

  6. Do you get the sense that we are all just wandering around in circles?! I am for FINISHING projects, rather than starting and that is so BORING. Love the flowers. Luckily, I've never been able to spell so I'm not getting worse.

  7. Love this weed and the fact that she was no gardener. I have never been a great speller, or gardener or DIYer. The spelling improved for a while but now it worsens again. What was I saying....?


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