Sunday, March 24, 2013

Bits and pieces

i just noticed that this looks like the counter is listing to the left and everything is going to fall off (lol) oh well its just a sketch (thats me going with the flow)
well whats new? I am still in my PJ's debating if I should get dressed today, and what I should do.  Dont you like just some days to stay in your pj\s and just do a little bit of that and little bit of this.  I don't do that to often, but today might be the day.  I have to admit something, I broke down and bought a gelli plate, I know I said what's the big deal but I only bought it because.
1.  my favourite art store had them
2.  I had got a gift certificate for my birthday and its been burning a hole in my pocket
3.  I did not have to pay the shipping costs
So today I just might play around with it.  I am putting a roast in the crackpot today

Anyone else have a good crock pot recipe they want to share


  1. I suspect we'll get gelli plates over here in about 30 yrs time! I asked at a store for one here and they looked dazed! lol! show us the fun youre havuing with yours when you get started!

  2. I live in the middle age when it comes to art supplies. enjoy your gelli plate, and please share all your fun.
    Love your kitchen tools.

  3. Have fun with that new gelli plate.I still make my own with gelatin.

    I'll send you a link for a crock pot recipe HB loves.


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