Tuesday, November 12, 2013

art ideas.....

today it was above zero (bathing suit weather almost)
went to the dentist broke my back tooth eating a soft cookie, was someone trying to tell me something
taking a copic stich bookbinding course next week
had a art date last Friday   Art friend Gail
working on my tag for the circle journal exchange so I can get it finished and sent on
its eat leftovers from the fridge night, I just cleaned the fridge out today
back to swimming tomorrow, knee is much better after resting it
the Dr. says its a bakers cyst, but it goes away by itself
lunch with the neighbour tomorrow
isn't my life exciting, I know how do I contain myself with all this excitement


  1. I tell you...........your life is more exiting than mine! like the pic!

  2. Oh Lee, you're such a fun girl. You make me laugh all the time, thanks. Your work looks great as usual, love all the white in it. Have a great day in your exciting life!

  3. love this art! your new blog look is exciting too!


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