Sunday, November 24, 2013

She is a bad..........

awhile ago I made an angel booklet
 I have showed some here on my blog
now here are some more
I mostly used the gelli plate on the
background and tried to let the
design show thru the clothes, and used some
stamps for the words. I found the head in some magazine, and made it a collage
Today I am off to a course to learn the Coptic stich
in bookbinding.  We will see how that comes out.


  1. she is b.a. indeed! hope you had a good class.

  2. wow, impressed with your gelli plate techniques!

  3. hahaha! Love her!

  4. Coptic stitch workshop - yay! have fun, keep your thread loose and relax. Or fake it till you make it. I love how you found your angel in the print.

  5. I've been trying to find a bookbinding workshop near me. I've watched a few videos, but I haven't liked how they've turned out. Let us know how you liked it, please!


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