Thursday, November 14, 2013

Favourite tutorials

found some great video/tutorials
for your viewing pleasure
happy thursday
enjoy making acrylic skins for your art journal glue gun stencils I am going to try this one  I love her art  art journal page


  1. Wendy9:15 AM

    Lee thank you so much for posting these - sometimes I miss these and I really enjoy them- love your art work also

  2. thanks for the nice comment wendy, do you have a blog

  3. Wendy6:41 PM

    no I do not- maybe some day- I am into mixed media, have taken Effy Wild, lifebook 2013.Msty Mawn, Suzi Blue classes so far- I try to do something each day- working on faces right now-

  4. Love your quack-quack-bird! And thanks so much for the links, love that tutorial for the fabric pouch!


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