Tuesday, November 19, 2013

tales from the pool

This is a journal page I made in July of this year.  If you read this blog a lot, or are just starting to  you should know that I swim everyday of the week in the morning at a pool.  While swimming I have lots of time to think.  I think about blog posts, challenges, art, daily troubles, Its my time for just me,
   Now since I go everyday except the weekends, you get to know the
people who also go everyday.  I talk to some, you know hi how are, the weather.  But
some you just imagine, and I have names for all of them.  The newlyweds, they must
80 are more, but so sweet, they hold hands, are so loving, its sweet to watch.  The pervert,
he wears a speedo, and watches or should I say stares at all the women, and in the
speedo lets say its doesn't hide much.  The Europeans (men) who come and
use the hot tub, the sauna, and sit and talk all day in chairs by the pool.  They treat it like a spa.
There are many more, and I am sure that since I have names for them in my mind, they must have names for me.  I can of a few, The single girl (because i dont wear my wedding rings swimming)
the loner, because I don't talk much, and probably a few I don't want to know
I love my pool, windows on all sides, Olympic size, and a gym in the basement, and only 30 dollars a month, cant beat that.  Private places like the ymca are way to expensive.  Today there was only 3 of us in the pool and I was one of the 3.

This is a picture of the pool, it was built in 1967


  1. love your journal page - what an interesting place!

  2. Your pool sure looks modern to be built as far back as -67. I had to smile while reading this post, Lee, I'm just like you. Giving people names in my head and kind of making their stories. Perhaps we should start writing a novel. :)

  3. OMG fancy swimming everyday - that is amazing!!!! I am really impressed! dont you get cold though when you come out of the pool and go home? or do you have a shower and dry off really well? I used to always get a cold when I used to swim thats why I ask! I just LOVE the journal page and that is your best one ever ( for me)

    1. No I don't get cold, I have a hot tub. then I have a warm shower, get dryed off really well, and have warm clothes and I am good to go

  4. Lucky you to have such a wonderful place to enjoy the water! I love your sweet painting and its story ♥ Conny
    Piaroms Art Journaling


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