Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I think I have a style of drawing and painting, I call it my style.
The girl above is not in my style, I don't want to be a one trick pony
I would love to be able to draw a more interesting face,
a more realistic face, so I practice, I try to practice faces
at least twice a week, to improve on my faces.  But I am
not going to give up my style, because thats who I am as an artist


  1. It's good that you're practicing drawing, but you're right: don't give up on your style. It's unique and totally you. Although I still recognize your style in this face ....

  2. I agree practicing drawing does help, but a style comes from within. You should remain true to yourself and your style =). Reading the notes you made, I feel you are being very harsh on yourself. I think you are doing great!
    xx Monique

  3. i agree with both comments above - keep up your beautiful creative works!


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