Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bad Hair daze

Just wanted to show you what you can achieve with stencils
I sprayed the background with spray inks
I used  a just a note stencil
the flower stencil
and the girl outline stencil
I used black to outline the flower
and markers to colour the flowers
I used a stamp with text on it for the girl
and my sewing machine to do her hair,
and outline her body
I had a lot of fun with this one 


  1. fantastic! i love it! i was just thinking about doing some sewing on watercolor paper -by hand - no machine! great minds . . .

  2. wow so many different techniques that you used on this one! its lovely and so are the colours!

  3. Wonderful textures and colours. Love it!

  4. Beautiful Lee, and so are the new look of your blog. I'm still playing with Twinks, I'd never thought it should be this fun.

  5. It came yesterday (14th)! I love it! It's nice that you wrote the steps that you took to make it. I did recognize the poppy stencil design. I put your journal page in the mail this morning. I used a gelli art plate for the background (3 layers), then I doodled over it, using several colors of gel pens.
    Your pen pal, Debbie


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