Friday, October 31, 2014

Project Runway the little black dress

We want to welcome the new judge this week Tom Ford to the panel.  Well Tom what do you think of this weeks challenge.  I really like it Heidi, every woman should
have that little black dress in her closet.  I see that the designers have updated the
dress to show a tiny bit of colour made it more 2014. After all a little colour is
great on every woman curvy, or small.  Well thanks for that Tom, next week
its going to be all about clubbing, what the Gals want to wear when they
go out clubbing.  Till next time Project Runway signing off.

Check out this painter of design dresses

am linking to


  1. Very fun painting Lee! I can hear the hip, bouncy music playing as they march across the stage. I agree, Myra is quite the designer.

  2. great dress Lee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Great design of the dress & the page! Love the narrative, too.


  4. Love that show! Nice artwork!


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